Swimming is a must for a healthy pregnancy!

Swimming is a must for a healthy pregnancy!

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Women's Health Specialist from Anadolu Health Center Op.Dr. Ebru Füsun Akbay, explained the effect of swimming on pregnancy.

One of the recommended exercise types during pregnancy is swimming. Especially during the summer months, you can swim and enjoy the refreshing effect of water. Exercise speeds up metabolism, prevents excessive weight gain and keeps the mother fit. During pregnancy, gestational diabetes, that is, the risk of developing hidden sugar status among the public, is reduced and the baby and the mother are ensured to be healthier. It has the effect of reducing back pain and foot swelling during pregnancy. During the months of pregnancy due to the growth of the abdomen, the expectant mother is more at risk of losing her balance or falling down while entering the pool. Therefore, care should be taken slowly and slowly and in the wet areas around the pool, non-slip slippers or shoes should be preferred.

During the summer months to enter the pool or the sea outdoors, the sun is intense, ie between 11.00-16.00 hours should not be preferred. Water-resistant sunscreen lotion with sufficient UVB protection should be applied 20 minutes before sun exposure. Wearing a hat should be preferred. It should be remembered that the effects of the reflection and refraction of the sun in the water continue to increase.

Activities with high risk of trauma, such as water polo, jump from high, slide from water slides or water ski, should be avoided. If hygiene conditions are appropriate and there is no medical problem, swimming or swimming can be swim during pregnancy. There is no difference between the sea and the pool according to personal preference.

When the sea is very choppy, caution should be exercised due to the risk of losing balance and falling. It is not recommended for mothers who do not know swimming very well to swim at depths exceeding their height because of the risk of suffocation. In addition, deep water should not be preferred due to painful cramps that may enter the legs in the later months of pregnancy.

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