Sexual education in children

Sexual education in children

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Is it normal that your child does not ask questions?
False: "Some children do not ask sexual questions, and their parents attribute this to their moral upbringing." However, the child who does not ask questions about these issues is afraid of his family, he is in a nervous or timid situation. He will probably find out that he cannot ask his family from unreliable sources. First of all, parents should understand that sexual education does not mean sex education so that they can communicate with their children in a healthy way and not panic in the face of questions from children. Parents who cannot fully comprehend the content of sexual education may experience difficult moments by thinking that they will have to tell the child about their sexual positions, sex, orgasm. However, the child tries to perceive himself, his gender and the world around him and his questions are innocent.

What private life should be taught
Children should learn that their parents will not enter the bedroom without knocking while their sexual development continues. Parents should also click on the door as they enter the child's room and show that they respect their private space. In addition, the child should be clearly told that he should not undress with others. The child should also be told about the extent to which a stranger can touch and show love. In the face of such a situation it must be taught that this is no secret.

Family education continues at school
In schools, students, parents and school staff with whom the child interacts in the school environment should be informed. Information should be given about inappropriate adult behavior, resilience, promptly leaving the environment and telling, someone not trusting, or hiding the event when something is promised or given by the adult. The most sensitive point is not to cause fear and anxiety in students, and to avoid messages that will lead to a false and negative understanding of sexuality.

We should provide sexual education correctly so that our children do not have negative experiences that may affect their life in the future. We must strive to prevent them from experiencing events that destroy their chances of growing their small world as they wish. Our children should not forget, until they are fully aware of their bodies; until they are truly happy. Our most important duty is to provide the necessary information for their healthy development, to protect them against the evils coming from the outside world, and more importantly, to teach them to be protected.

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