Book Suggestions for Preschool Children

Book Suggestions for Preschool Children

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I have already mentioned in another article that I will find book recommendations at certain intervals in line with your requests. I hope that you will also take into account these articles that I introduce the books of preschool period and you will enrich this period when children are most open to learning with the different books you will present to them.

Parent's Cookie:

Written and Illustrated by Ayla Çınaroğlu
Flying Publishing
Age of reading: 3+

The story of the child who shared his cookie with his friend and the animals around him was conveyed with a narrative and shortness level that young children would understand. Milk, shortbread dog and other familiar things that they see and know in their environment, even very young children close to the book, while full-color images made with collage technique and careful printing, the work, the children will be given to be one of the first books. Moreover, the message of feeling happy with sharing and showing interest with the happy end contributes to the love of the book.

Little Hedgehog:

Written and Illustrated by: Şule Ege Akkaşlar
Tudem Publications
Reading Age: 3+

The happy life of his little hedgehog and his parents are marred by the difficulties of winter. The story reaches a happy ending with the courage and heroic behavior of the little hedgehog as the bad events are sequential. A book that emphasizes the value of domestic love while telling young children the benefit of being brave and the happiness of achieving something.

Grandma's Birthday:

Written By: Aysel Gürmen
Illustrated by Mustafa Delioğlu
Flying Fish Publications
Reading Age: Preschool

A poetic taste with rhyming words; appropriate to the age group level, short, simple, interesting story and colorful, beautiful pictures of a book that will be loved by preschool children.

Have You Ever Bears Fly?

Written and Illustrated by Betül Sayın
Epsilon Publishing
Reading Age: Preschool

The bear cub Bozo, who wants to fly like birds, asks his grandfather for help. When making an airplane with his grandfather, they make use of various shapes such as rectangles, square circles, triangles. There are other ways around Bozo, in the sky and on the earth…
The little ones who follow Bozo's flight adventure accompanied by Betül Sayın's beautiful paintings, who have been painting children's books for many years, will also contribute to their concept development by reinforcing their morphological knowledge.

Source: Çoluk Children's Magazine

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