In the treatment of IVF 'mini tube' era!

In the treatment of IVF 'mini tube' era!

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What is a reproductive treatment?
The mini IVF method is developing slightly different than the standard IVF method. The quality of the eggs is improved by giving lower doses of medication to the candidates participating in the mini IVF application. With the drugs used in small amounts, the eggs that are matured can be fertilized by microinjection technique and the fertilized eggs are injected to the mother. The first trial of mini-IVF method took place in Japan.

Which candidates are suitable for mini IVF?Mini IVF method is applied especially in the elderly and the candidates who cannot develop egg despite the drugs used in overdose. Candidates included in this group are highly successful with mini IVF method. An increase in the quality of the ovary may occur with a slight drug content.

How is the mini IVF method applied?Pregnancy is achieved successfully with mini IVF method in the men whose bleeding continues regularly but the pregnancy is not achieved. As in the other IVF method, treatment is started on the 3rd day of menstruation. With the help of the drugs applied to the expectant mother, the eggs are greatly improved. Thanks to the drugs used, the eggs are stimulated with the increase of FSH hormone and an egg collection process is carried out with a treatment that lasts for 4 days in general.
Is IVF a treatment for everyone?In vitro fertilization is a successful reproductive treatment applied to couples who want to have children but cannot have children by their own efforts. However, it is not applied in all couples without children. In vitro fertilization is a stressful and costly treatment. In vitro fertilized couples should not be patient with pessimism.
Who are suitable candidates for IVF?

  • Men with sperm quality problems
  • If tubes are damaged or clogged
  • Inexplicable infertility
  • Chocolate cysts
  • Ovarian dysfunction
  • Cervical problems
So, who are unsuitable candidates for IVF?
  • Women who have completely lost their function of ovulation function
  • Women with uterus removed by surgery
  • Menopausal women
  • Men with no sperm
You can get rid of stress in IVF treatment and have children
If the pregnancy will take place with treatment, the process will be full of stress and will be quite difficult. To be a mother and father, many factors must be combined. In particular, stress must be avoided.
Couples who will start IVF treatment should be stress-free. Stress is a factor that negatively affects many things in human life. As long as the stress continues, the chance of success of IVF treatment decreases. For a healthy pregnancy period and a healthy baby, stress should be controlled.

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