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Book recommendations for children

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We recommend that you buy these books from different authors we have selected for your children and share them with your children. These books, all of which have interesting and entertaining topics, will support your child's language development and develop their imagination by taking them to different worlds.

School Ghost Kuno:

Written by: Gerald Jatzek (Translated by Suzan Geridönmez)
Illustrated by Stephanie Wagner
Daylight Library
Reading Age: +7

Kuna is a ghost with green hair, black teeth and red eyes. And mischievous. Because of the ghost that has made a school a home for itself, all students have fun, but soon the headmaster hires Kuno to catch a ghost hunter. This book, which is very active and entertaining, not only affects children's imagination; The word games embedded in the text also enable small readers to gain sensitivity to letters, writing and language. Every child of school age will love this book, which eventually teaches how to make a Ghost Puppet and the lyrics of a Ghost Song.

Where am I

Written By: Aysel Gürmen
Illustrated by Huban Korman
Flying Fish Publications
Reading Age: +2

This book, which deals with concepts like “below” and “above“ with cute pictures, is prepared to contribute to the concept development of very young children with its short and humorous texts. The original dimensions (16 × 16) and the warm happy ending will allow children to look at the book over and over again.

Let's Choose Seasons

Written by: Ülker Köksal
Illustrated by Hatice Kahveci
Esin Publishing
Reading Age: +4

A book that introduces the seasons to young children in poetry. The rhyming words chosen by the author contribute to the language development of children, while full-page color illustrations show the most typical features of each season.

I Flush
Written By: Zeynep Bassa
Illustrated by Zeynep Bassa
KÖK Publishing
Reading Age: +5

Cem is a child who does not like to bathe. When her mother invites her to the bathroom, she looks for a hole to escape, but everywhere she goes, she gets a suggestion about soap and water. Each page of the story, both in Turkish and English, is an entertaining book that will solve the problem of children who do not like to bathe.

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