Milia, miliaria (sweat retention syndrome), Mongolian spots (mongol spots)

Milia, miliaria (sweat retention syndrome), Mongolian spots (mongol spots)

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- A small white bump or cyst that resembles pimples on the face of a newborn.

- Superficial skin cysts in hair follicles.

- They are seen as white with a diameter of 1 mm on the forehead, nose and cheeks.

- They'il recover by themselves in a few weeks.

Miliaria (Sweat Retention Syndrome)

- Temporary, pin-head bubbles as a result of mechanical obstruction of sweat ducts.

- Usually occurs in hot and humid environmental conditions.

- It is mostly seen in the folds.

- Keep the child in a cool place and apply a bath.

- They are harmless and disappear automatically by treatment.

Mongolian Stains (Mongolian Stains)

In the newborn, mongolian spots with blue-light gray caries resembling caries appear on the baby's butt, sometimes on the legs and shoulders.

Nine out of 10 children with black, eastern or Indian origin have these spots.

These misidentified stains are also quite common in infants with ancestors from the Mediterranean. However, it is rare in children with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Although most are seen in childbirth and disappeared in the first year, they continue to be seen sometimes after and even in adulthood.

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