Why is preschool education important?

Why is preschool education important?

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Preschool education is a process of education within the basic education integrity that prepares students for primary education in accordance with the cultural values ​​of the society and supports their physical, mental, emotional and social development which provides rich stimulating environment opportunities in accordance with the developmental levels and individual characteristics of 0-72 months children. (MEB. 2000, p.17). The benefits of this education, which supports all development areas of the child, have been supported by various researches, and its importance has been repeatedly emphasized by different researchers. For example, according to the results of a research, 50% of the mental development up to 17 years of age is 4 years, 30% is from 4 years to 8 years, 33% of school success shown until 18 years of age depends on the education they receive from 0-6 years. It was observed.

The following objectives are aimed for children in preschool education:

The goals of effective early childhood education are as follows:

● Ensure the development of listening, speaking and playing activities, the basics of which are literacy and other interaction skills

● Ensuring the development of children's ability to express their feelings

● Improving the child's vocabulary

● Developing positive emotions and learning skills of the child

● Improving decision-making skills

● Provide children with opportunities to perceive and understand the world around them (ED. 2385: 1883).

Zeliha Yazıcı, a research assistant at Gazi University, Faculty of Vocational Education, Department of Child Development and Preschool Education, says in an article:

• All development areas of children should be supported by giving children the opportunity to receive pre-school education in early childhood. Support in early childhood will help them adapt more easily to primary education. Early supported children will be able to successfully fulfill their expectations from the school itself. In addition, for children who do not have the opportunity to receive pre-school education, parents should also provide opportunities for their children to gain positive experiences by creating environments with rich matching for their children at home. For example; children can be discussed on the book read by reading story books aloud. Different characters in the book can be animated using masks, puppets. The child can be told to tell the story by looking at the pictures of the story books. Fake syllable games can be played with children. The pictures and lines that the child makes at home can be talked on by hanging on the wall.

As a result, we can say that preschool education is essential to fully support the child's development and prepare him / her for new experiences. PLEASE ATTENTION TO THIS ISSUE AND SAY YES TO PRESCHOOL EDUCATION FOR YOUR CHILD !!!

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