Get psychological support in IVF treatment!

Get psychological support in IVF treatment!

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Dr. Dr. Ali Osman Koyuncuoğlu gave information about the psychological preparation for IVF treatment.1) What is the psychological preparation process?IVF treatment and psychological preparation process should not be considered different from each other. In vitro fertilization treatment is one of the biggest exams of mothers and fathers during their marital life. Before and after the start of treatment, spouses need to be prepared psychologically. With the decision to start IVF treatment, the spouses enter into a period in which they will make serious efforts in terms of psychology. In general, the cause of the problem is that the spouse who needs treatment feels psychological pressure, feels guilty and is under the pressure of the environment. The spouse, who feels under pressure with excess and reflects this attitude to his behaviors, may experience mutual tension in the spouses by taking actions to put his marriage at risk. For this reason, it is beneficial to have the help of a specialist psychologist at the decision stage of the treatment. After passing the first decision stage, the treatment period continues to be difficult for the mother and father candidates financially and morally. First of all, the mother and father candidates should know and accept the success rates as a result of this treatment. In short, a 100% success is not expected, although there are many factors affecting success in IVF treatment, they should accept that the rate is around 40%.2) Effect of Stress on IVF SuccessThe human body is controlled by hormones. In other words, hormones have a say in our bodies. When this is the case, hormones secreted under stress can cause many diseases. Tube infant treatment is the host of a stressful period. Spouses who start IVF treatment are in serious stress while waiting for the result. This effect is a condition that can upset the balance of the body. At the same time, stress is one of the factors that affect ovulation and egg fertilization, even embryo quality. Although stress cannot be prevented, the spouses should consider taking stress under control and getting rid of the stress with minimum damage as a condition in themselves. Infertility treatment causes women to lose their life control. This situation can sometimes become so severe that it causes depression in the candidate. Depressed candidates cannot respond to treatment. Because of their lack of morale, they cannot support them personally in achieving success in treatment. In this case, the expert also has a big task. The treatment program should be planned with the most appropriate treatment method. One thing to keep in mind is that stress itself is a cause of infertility. Negative thinking and feeling negative is the simplest part. However, mother and father candidates who really want to have a baby should put aside the negative thoughts they have created in their minds, focus on the target and think positively.3) What are the benefits of psychological support in couples?As a result of a lot of research, the comparison of couples who received psychological help during IVF treatment and spouses who did not receive psychological help during treatment provided quite interesting and useful results. These studies have shown that psychological help encountered during IVF treatment has very positive results. The effects of this were found to be an increase in the likelihood of the woman becoming pregnant with the psychological support given during IVF treatment positively affecting the treatment. Pregnancy provided with the completion of the treatment, live birth rates have been increased. in-tube-baby-treatment psychological preparation /

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