The ideal weight in pregnancy

The ideal weight in pregnancy

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: - Is there a certain limitation in weight gain during pregnancy?
Assoc. Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: Too much weight gain was not desired before the 1970s. It was believed that the excess weight of the pregnant woman would cause pregnancy blood pressure and even difficult births. It was said that weight gain during pregnancy would be dangerous because of these doubts. For this reason, it was desired that the pregnant woman apply a certain regime. This trend changed after the 1970s. It has been said by the medical community that weight gain does not cause such risks. It has been scientifically enlightened that these risks are not true. However, it should be remembered that healthy eating is the primary condition.

: - How much weight is considered to be suitable for a pregnant person?
Assoc. Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: Research shows that the pregnant woman needs 300 extra calories. Apart from this, the pregnant woman should ideally take an average of 10-12 kilograms. Of course, this rate is closely related to the weight of the mother before she became pregnant. Women who are under ideal weight before pregnancy need to gain more weight. Therefore, it is not correct to evaluate every pregnant woman in the same category. The weight of the mother before she becomes pregnant and the weight she gains during pregnancy directly affect the baby's weight.

: - How does your mother's weight affect the baby's weight?
Assoc. Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: For example, women who weigh less than 9 pounds during pregnancy have a 2.3 times higher risk of having a low-weight baby than women who have gained normal weight. They are also exposed to 1.5 times more infant mortality. Therefore, ideal weight gain during pregnancy is an important reason for the birth of the baby at normal weight. Those who gain low weight during pregnancy have a high risk of preterm delivery.

: - Is it possible to sample the effects of weight gain during pregnancy on the birth weight of the baby?
Assoc. Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: Yeah. For example, as Zeynep Kamil Hospital, there is a study we conducted in 1370 pregnant women. Accordingly, we calculate an index which we call mass index. An ideal weight ratio is calculated according to the height and weight of the mother. According to him, we divided our mother candidates into 4 groups. Those with very low scales, those in the middle. a little too much and overweight. In this group, babies of very low weight were found to have low birth weight. The weight gain of these people during pregnancy was found to be very effective on the baby's weight. In this respect, those with low weight need to gain more weight during pregnancy. However, it was observed that the weight they received during pregnancy by overweight mothers did not affect the baby's weight. Of course, we say them for healthy mothers. The child of a diabetic mother is born very fat, but this has nothing to do with the weight gain during pregnancy.

: - Sometimes the mother is overweight but the baby is underweight. What are the reasons for this?
Assoc. Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: There may be a problem with the mother feeding the baby. High blood pressure of the mother is a vascular disease, an infant infection or an unknown cause. If there is a condition that prevents the baby's weight gain in the mother's uterus, it should be taken under medical supervision and followed. However, if the parents are petite, the baby is also petite in terms of genetic coding. Thus, even if the expectant mother weighs 40 pounds, the baby born is low weight. You don't mind that. It's enough to be healthy.

: - Pregnant mothers can not lose weight during pregnancy are worried. Are they really right in these fears or is it possible to lose weight?
Assoc. Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: There are some changes in the body during pregnancy. There is water increase in the body. The uterus normally grows to 50.60 grams. The threshold of the baby we call Plesanta weighs 500 grams. The water the baby lives in has a certain weight. As a result, the mother has lost an average of 5 pounds as soon as she gives birth. In addition, the withdrawal of water in the body, changes in the puerperium during the recovery of the mother within 6 weeks gives a large part of their weight. So no worries! Of course, there are mothers who cannot return to their old weight in this process. But don't let them be scared. It is possible to lose weight by doing postnatal exercises and with the help of diets.

: - When should mothers who have difficulty in losing weight start to diet?
Assoc. Dr. Cem Ficicioglu: I would like to underline a point in particular. After pregnancy, breastfeeding mother during the postpartum period should take 500 calories more than normal. Therefore, "I have given birth, I can start the regime." Should not be said. Your mother needs to know that she needs extra calories again. In addition to a balanced diet as fat, protein and carbohydrates, we provide the mother with the need for minerals, iron, calcium and folic acid.

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