Magic mother, magic child!

Magic mother, magic child!

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İnci Türkay studied acting at Hacettepe University. Communication with children was discovered by the producers on the stage of the theater. Since that day, children's series, children's programs, one of the first names that come to mind. İnci Hanım who understands the language of children Mother & Baby Client to She talked about her motherhood, her son Ali and her new projects.

Ms. İnci has another identity besides her acting and programming. Merchandising. But it's also about the kids, who owns the toy store Tayga Toys. Here again, he did a good job for the children, presents them healthy, toys that do not contain plastic. His work force, all the fun people! He got his communication skills from his mother. As Mother & Baby, we listened to the 'mother of the magical mother!'

Firstly, I want to start with the series My Magic Mother. Kids loved you with this show. Before my Magic Mother, you had a program for children…

Yes, I also made the legendary 500 episode 'Duma Duma Dum'. Faruk Bayhan, the producer of the program, discovered me at Gencay Gürün Theater. When I talked about the idea of ​​a children's program because I thought I had an amazing electricity with children and I was fed by their energy, it first seemed like a dream to them. Because the shootings will be both morning and live, and the children's program…

It is also evident from your long-standing success that you do with your job sever
I do it very consciously and willingly. They look good on me, and I look good on myself. I love taking care of kids, motherhood. The success of my work depends on it. I'm doing a great kids program on Channel 1 right now.

Children will be honest, say what they think. Are there any difficulties in doing business with them?

No ?! For one thing, working with children is much more difficult than for adults. For example, when you are communicating with someone big, you can give sherbet by pulse, but you don't have a chance in children. What's inside them is the outside. 'How ugly your A dress is' when you get on the show! You stay on the air! And of course you have to keep them all dynamic throughout the program.

How are things with you? Have you written a children's book or game?

Actually, I've saved a lot in my pocket all these years. I wrote to Milliyet's Butterfly supplement for a while, but at the same time we were doing Duma Duma Dum and the Magic Mother. I didn't have time, so I had to finish.

Do you think of Ali as a brother?

We think why not, God willing. We'd like to have a brother and support each other.

How much did you breast-feed Ali, did you use ready-made foods?

Since I am a mother who attaches great importance to naturalness, I only fed Ali with breast milk for 6 months. 6 months I didn't give any jars of food or any auxiliary food. I continued breastfeeding for a year. I have already devoted my 3 years to Ali only by suspending all works. I was very interested in him. Good thing I did all this because Ali was a very different child in this way. He's a very good, social child who listens to himself, keeps himself busy.

You have a toy company called Tayga Toys. How did this idea come about?

I love being useful to children. During my stay away from the screens, my wife and I had the opportunity to examine toys abroad. What kind of toys are there kids playing with? What are the health standards of the toys? we also learned about these issues. Then I established a toy company called Tayga Toys which has three stores. The toys of this company are made of very high health and safety standards and organic products.

As I understand it by Ali, you like old names. If you have a second child, what do you think of his name?

Yes, I am in favor of more understandable names. It must be a very understandable name. If we have another child, we would prefer a name that is easy to understand.

What kind of kid is Ali?

I could call Romeo Ali. Incredibly romantic. I think it's because it's a Virgo. Very meticulous. For example, if something is spilled on it, it wants to change it immediately. Its tidy apart and moderate. He always knows how to be positive and happy. She loves to communicate with people. He says hello to the people he sees on the road.

We have no doubt that you will free Ali to choose his future profession, but is there any kind of profession that you have in your heart?

I don't have anything on my mind, but I'm not too romantic about it. I think it makes sense. In the end, I would like to have a profession that can stand on its own feet, feel happy and have a valid job.

Do you have a message for mothers and expectant mothers about their children's education?
It's very hard to give a message about it, but the mother's instinct is really above everything. It is very important that you know your child, take care of him and become a whole. So is this about education. For example, although I devote all my time, I have never been a mother who did everything Ali wanted. I would not recommend it to any mother. Prizes and penalties are very effective for education. In order to be a conscious and aware child, he should not miss anything he says.

Given your relationship and sincerity with children, would you like to say something to mothers who refrain from showing their love?
I am in favor of being spoiled to the end of the child, not about his wishes but about love. The child always wants to be kissed, caressed, to see love. There is no limit to the theme of true love. This is also very important in improving the child's performance.

As far as we observe, you are very knowledgeable about children. What kind of work do you do for this?
I am constantly in contact with experts in child development. I have pedagogue friends, I'm learning from them. I get help from Ali's teachers and I read many books. I became more conscious after becoming a mother. After all, I do a children's program on television and I have to have enough information about it.

What kind of work does the theater or television show?

They had a nice offer out of town but Ali turned it down so I didn't want to go out of town. There is a play and a children's program. He has a number of projects, but I'm not sure yet. Because this work needs to think a few times on tempo and intensity.

Considering the time you spent with Ali right now, can we call you a full-time mother, not part-time?
Of course, we come to the programs together, we read with Ali, we have fun, we get up, I know all the phases of it. He's growing up with me. My son became my way of life. She shares everything with me. I arranged all my work for him. What I wanted most in my life was to be a good mother. For example, when I was invited to the programs, I want them to mention that I am a mother when I was first introduced. I respect motherhood a lot.

Source: Mother & Baby Magazine

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