Reflux in children can lead to developmental delay

Reflux in children can lead to developmental delay

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Although 7 million children are reported to have reflux in the USA; diagnosis of diseases in children; unfortunately, reflux is not considered and can often be missed. Dr. American Gastroentology Department. View Kasım's Full Profile Tells you what you need to know about reflux.

What is reflux?

What causes complaints in children?

  • The child is uncomfortable, causing sudden crying or colic attack
  • Frequent spitting or vomiting of the child
  • One or several hours after a meal the child vomits
  • The persistence of postprandial vomiting despite the age of the child
  • Refusal of the child to eat
  • Bad breath
  • Belching and hiccups with "wet" sound

Bazen Pneumonia asthma Bazen can sometimes be seen in cases of developmental problems in growth, frequent throat infections, upper respiratory tract diseases and thick-hoarse voice. In severe cases, even developmental delay may occur. Common ear infections, tooth decay and sinusitis are among the findings. In some cases, oral salivation may also be observed.

- Infants belching and vomiting are common. When should we mention a disease?

Approximately 65% ​​of babies burp their after-meal food, which is considered physiologically natural. This condition can be defined as disease because of the high content and the occurrence of complications as a result of the frequency of occurrence.

- What are the complications of reflux?
Reflux, which can be seen naturally in many babies physiologically, disappears with time and does not cause any complications. In such cases, it is sufficient to provide detailed information to the child's family. However, in more severe cases, inflammation may develop here, sometimes with the effect of gastric acid on the esophagus. This can lead to serious pain and swallowing problems. This inflammation may cause edema in the esophagus, as well as scarring and scarring. As a result of the pain and difficulty of this situation; if the baby restricts eating, the baby's growth may pause.

- What is the path of diagnosis and treatment?

Swallowing films (barium esophagograms), pH testing or endoscopy may help to diagnose the disease. Often, however, doctors can make a diagnosis based on the patient's history.

In therapy; It is recommended that nutrition habits and nutrition techniques be regulated. It is recommended to keep the baby upright during awake hours, to avoid spicy food by degassing, and to prepare the food as darker. A little elevation of the bedside of the cradle would also be useful for night's sleep. The baby's clothes shouldn't be too tight. If necessary, anti-acid or anti-acid drugs can be used under the supervision of a doctor.

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