What is the “ideal sleep time için for children?

What is the “ideal sleep time için for children?

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Low risk of diabetes in children who sleep less

Sleep is of great importance for preschool and school age children as it is in every period of life. Sleep deprivation, which may increase at any age, brings with it many problems. According to scientific studies conducted in recent years, the number of children whose sleep has decreased has been increasing; however, attention is also focused on the relationship between obesity and diabetes, with shortened sleep time. Furthermore, the relationship between attention deficit and sleep deprivation is an issue that needs to be emphasized.

Inadequate sleep adversely affects mental and physical development

Sleep problems in children are divided into two groups. The first group consists of children who suffer from inadequate sleep due to environmental or different reasons. In the other group, there are children with sleep disorders similar to adults, who awaken asleep due to poor quality sleep despite adequate sleep. For whatever reason, sleep problems lead to concentration and learning disabilities. Many children diagnosed with attention deficit syndrome have been found to be insomnia too late. Another problem caused by sleep problems is growth problems. Insomnia brings along mental and physical development problems. In recent years, body fat and excess weight have been added to this picture.

No “ideal sleep time için for children

As in adults, sleep times and hours in children are determined by genes and vary from child to child. It should be noted that in some children, these periods are short (4-5 hours) and in others longer (12-14 hours), and parents should first determine the required sleep time for their children. Sleep and wake times, which can then be variable, should be determined. Forcing an owl-type child to sleep early or waiting for him to wake up early in the morning causes many problems. As it is seen, it is not an ideal sleep time for children, and each child's sleep time and time is individual.

Child without sleep should not be forced to bed

Unfortunately, families are unaware that their children's sleep time may vary. This causes them to force their children to sleep or wake up at inappropriate times. What should be done is to carefully observe the sleeping time and hours of the children during the holiday periods. According to these characteristics, children's sleep hours and periods should be planned during school period. For example, owl-type children should not be forced to go to bed early in the evening, they should be given the opportunity to sleep in the morning, late school hours should be preferred, missing sleep times during the week should be compensated with sleep during the weekend and afternoon.

No cell phones in bedroom

The sleep of children is affected by technological developments as in adults. Research shows that, unfortunately, the time spent with these technological devices is stolen from sleep time. In addition to causing incomplete sleep, due to the bright white light they have, they cause shifts in our sleep rhythm. Another problem caused by these devices is that they are not turned off overnight. Many studies have shown that these devices impair the quality of night sleep.

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