Pregnancy-specific changes (1)

Pregnancy-specific changes (1)

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During pregnancy, physical and possibly emotional difficulties. These are due to the increase in certain hormones during pregnancy, natural changes in the body during pregnancy and the emotional effects of pregnancy. Bahçeci Clinic Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. View Numan's Full Profile It tells you all the changes in pregnancy in two parts from A to Z.

: Why is pain felt during pregnancy?
Kiss. Dr. View Numan's Full Profile Women during pregnancy; ribs, back, groin, abdomen, buttocks and legs pain, pain and complain of pain. These are caused by increased blood flow as a result of hormonal effects, softening and loosening of joints and ligaments, as well as stretching, straining and changing the posture of the body with the increase in the size of the developing baby. These pain and aches decrease as the pregnancy progresses and after birth.

: What are your suggestions for pain relief?
Kiss. Dr. View Numan's Full Profile * Spine and back strengthening exercises to correct back pain. Stretching exercises can reduce sciatica pain in the hips and legs.
* Do not stand for a long time, - such as ironing - ask for help in the work to be done, look for ways to do the work by sitting.
* If you work at a desk or computer, make sure your chair is high enough and support your legs with your footstool. Get up and walk around at regular intervals.
* Adjust and support your posture while walking, sitting, leaning or lifting something. (It is best not to lift heavy things during pregnancy). In general, keep your back straight and don't drop your shoulders, bend your knees while bending down. While sitting, choose a hard chair that keeps your back straight and try not to sit on your feet.
* Avoid excessive weight gain, which can cause extra strain on your muscles and joints.
* Choose low-bottom comfortable shoes that will spread your weight. Use loose clothing that does not put pressure on the ribs. Sport belts can be used for back problems.
* Try to find a comfortable position while sleeping. Lying on your side and supporting the curved parts of your body with the pillow between the knees can reduce your back pain. Supporting yourself with pillows can also reduce rib pain.
* Unwind with a warm bath.
* Use hot or cold compresses.
* Your partner's massage application can also be relaxing. Ask your doctor for severe and prolonged pain, as they may be a herald of serious conditions such as kidney infections. Severe abdominal pain in the first two months of pregnancy may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy, but may be due to high blood pressure, preeclampsia or placenta-related problems.

: Why does it move away from some food?
Kiss. Dr. View Numan's Full Profile Changes in hormone levels in early gestational weeks and changes in taste and smell can create a feeling of dislike of your favorite foods, drinks or perfumes. These effects are quite common in pregnancy and you should not worry about them unless your health deteriorates. You should consult your doctor if you lose appetite and have difficulty eating regularly.
: What are the reasons for craving?
Kiss. Dr. View Numan's Full Profile Although there is no scientific basis in early pregnancy, you may find yourself more eager for some food or non-food. Craving during pregnancy is normal and does not concern you unless it affects your health or against substances that cannot be eaten, as in pica.

: What causes the uncomfortable feeling in the breasts?
Kiss. Dr. View Numan's Full Profile As your body is prepared to breastfeed, it is normal for you to experience discomfort in the chest area during pregnancy. Fullness, pain, tingling, sensitivity and increased sensitivity are affected. The use of a fully-fitting supportive bra from the beginning helps to reduce chest distress. You may need to put absorbent pads inside the bra because milk often comes from the nipples during the later pregnancy. If there is a bloody discharge from the nipple, you should consult your doctor.

: Causes breathing difficulty?
Kiss. Dr. View Numan's Full Profile During pregnancy, as the baby grows, the uterus moves upwards towards the diaphragm and may feel shortness of breath, especially during exercise. Avoiding forcing yourself and supporting your side while you are sitting or sleeping and doing breathing exercises will reduce your symptoms. Most women complain of incomplete filling of their lungs during late pregnancy; this is common. If breathing difficulty does not result from excessive physical activity and is aggravated, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

: Why does constipation occur?
Kiss. Dr. View Numan's Full Profile
Constipation during pregnancy is another common problem due to progesterone, which relaxes the intestinal muscles and reduces stomach secretions. The pressure of the uterus, which grows in the late period of pregnancy, can cause constipation. Excessive strain and straining can also cause hemorrhoids. Increasing the amount of pulp daily, snacking on dried fruits, avoiding foods containing excessive sugar, increasing fluid intake, increasing the tone of the muscles with regular physical exercise, will allow you to control constipation. You may complain of bloating during pregnancy. You can partially solve this problem with physical exercises such as walking, cycling and swimming. Karaman cumin, fennel and lemon balm leaves are old but widely used remedies.

: What is the cause of cramps?
Kiss. Dr. View Numan's Full Profile Cramps in the legs, calf and legs are common problems in late pregnancy, especially at night. Although the cause of the cramps is unknown, you may notice that you live more often in hot weather, during exercise or when wearing high-heeled shoes.
If you suffer from cramps, do not wear pointed shoes and avoid excessive exercise in very hot weather. However, regular, gentle exercises to improve circulation, massage or rub firmly on the affected area, keeping the feet up before bedtime and stretching the calf muscles, especially at night, can provide comfort or prevent cramps. These cramps are painful, but do not hurt and disappear after the baby is born.

: What causes gingival problems?
Kiss. Dr. View Numan's Full Profile Some pregnant women complain of swelling and bleeding in the gums due to the softening of the tissues as a result of hormonal changes and increased blood supply in some areas. When something like this happens to you, you should visit your dentist. It is useful to know that dental treatments can be performed during pregnancy. However, you should remind your doctor that you are pregnant. To prevent problems such as gingivitis, you should thoroughly brush your teeth regularly and avoid sugary foods and drinks.

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