When can children start swimming in the pool?

When can children start swimming in the pool?

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Children under 2 years of age should not be pooled until the hepatitis A and B vaccination program is completed. The most important reason for this is that the pools which we can enter in order to cool down in big cities carry some disease risks for both us and our children. KadikoySifa Atasehir Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Günay Ermergen compiled the points to be considered when entering the pool.

Swimming pools can cause many health problems as a common area for many people. Many diseases can be transmitted through pools contaminated with human interests and not properly disinfected. Diseases that may be transmitted by the pool water which is not clean enough; gastrointestinal infections, upper respiratory tract infections, ear, eye and skin infections, urinary tract infections

u infections are genital infections

However, it is possible to prevent diseases by not swallowing water in the pool, keeping the nose while entering the water, not sitting with wet swimsuit, using ear plugs, wearing underwater goggles, cleaning with water and soap after swimming if there are abrasions or cuts on the skin.
In order to keep the pool waters clean, the following should be considered:

• Taking a shower before entering the water,
• Not entering the water while having fever or diarrhea,
• Not to spit into water,
• Not entering the pool area with shoes,
• Disinfecting the feet in antiseptic water,
• Prevention of children's toilet in the pool,
• Not exceeding the capacity of people in the pool,
• Not eating food around the pool,
• For hygiene, ponds where periodic chemical and physical cleaning processes are not neglected should be preferred.

In addition, excessive amount of chlorine poured to clean the pool water, especially in the corneal layer in children damages the cell.

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