How to ensure father-daughter relationship?

How to ensure father-daughter relationship?

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It is a fact that girls are known to be fond of their father and supported by various studies. According to experts, fathers are also the first to give the first impression to girls in the name of male-female relations because they are the first boys in their lives. But do fathers, the other members of a relationship that is so important to girls, really realize this situation and can they behave properly? In this article, we will discuss the father-daughter relations and make some suggestions for you.

A book on father-daughter relationship…

Jane Grandon's book “Dear Father: Why is father-daughter relations so important? 1995, which she published in 1995, describes the relationship between fathers and daughters in a naïve language and divides fathers into four groups. According to Grandon, these 4 groups are listed as follows:

Prince fathers: These fathers are princes for their daughters, because they treat their daughters as if they were a princess. How Does? Fathers in this group do whatever their daughter wants, spend plenty of time with them, make tea parties with them and play with their babies, even when they go out to dinner, they even pull back their children's chairs. According to Grandon, daughters who have such fathers become individuals who can easily talk to their father when they grow up, communicate with other men comfortably and are happy to be women.

Friendly fathers: Fathers in this group are the ones who spend as much time with the girls as they can and enjoy being with them. Fathers who motivate and support their children to try and learn new things. Fathers in this group, however, often take their own tastes in the forefront when dealing with their children and playing games, but do not put their children's choices in the background. According to Grandon, daughters who have such fathers are individuals who have positive relationships with their father when they grow up, who think that his father will always support him.

Boss fathers: This is the group of fathers who love to be an authority figure. Hard, a little maybe a little more than we said, the group of fathers often closed to the discussion. Fathers who constantly talk about concerns and try to overcome some rules are also in this group! According to Grandon, daughters who have such fathers think that their fathers are very harsh and critical to themselves but loving themselves.

Ghost fathers: the fathers in this group are fathers who are not in the middle. What does that mean? These fathers are usually on a business trip, not much at home, or people who are hiding in the back of the newspaper or locked in front of the television. Children with such fathers have self-problems and their relationships are highly affected.

What do girls want from their father?

1. Father show me respect: As mentioned above, girls get their first impression of the male-female relationship in line with their relationship with their father. If the child's relationship with his father is positive, the child will have positive impressions about male-female relationships and show self-confidence in future relationships with men.

2. Equal rights: The first step should be taken in the relationship with fathers in order for girls to understand that men and women have equal rights. Fathers should create the necessary environment to understand and share their children's wishes, views, thoughts and emotions and behave in a way that expresses respect for their rights.

3. Understanding: Fathers often choose to become an authority figure and only act according to some rules, refuse to understand the girls and talk to them and solve the problems. As a result of this, children form some negative ideas with the impressions of their fathers and future male-female relationships are shaped according to these negative ideas. However, the child who sees understanding in his father learns to express himself against the sex and express himself freely in different social settings.

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