Yoga during pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy

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Yoga can be started from the 3rd month of pregnancy. It can be continued during delivery. It is a very useful paramedical method for the recovery of the body after birth. Yoga must be done consciously and with instructors' suggestions and teachings. Modified program is applied to avoid forced movements during pregnancy.

The basic posture techniques used in yoga prepare the pregnant woman to become a mother and give birth. Posture corrects posture disorders. Lung capacity is increased by breathing exercises, especially during normal delivery, these exercises are of great benefit. Respiratory and circulatory system is strengthened. Physical condition is maintained. Yoga was found to reduce nausea during pregnancy. Abdominal muscles become stronger, cramps are reduced. Contraction and relaxation of the perineal muscles, defined as Kegel exercises, are much more effective with yoga, thus strengthening the perineal muscles. Back, waist muscles develop more and the pain caused by pregnancy is much reduced. The legs get stronger. The pressure on the sciatic nerve is reduced. Happiness in mother with yoga increases hormone secretion. Thus, the expectant mother is free from physical and mental tensions. It is more powerful against psychological traumas. Yoga increases tolerance in pregnant as well as everyone else. These positive developments in the expectant mother also affect the unborn baby positively. After the birth, the expectant mother accepts the baby more comfortably and lives and loves her love and devotion.

Prolonged lying on your back while doing yoga during pregnancy causes a decrease in blood pressure in the expectant mother and a deterioration of the oxygenation of the fetus. Flexing backwards, bending forward should not be forced. Excessive stress should always be avoided. The length of stay in all movements should be kept short. Accessory materials such as balls, walls, chairs and the like should not be used during movements, movements should be made very soft.

Yoga should not only be seen as a sport activity, but as a part of the inner journey. In this way, a peaceful birth can be realized.

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