What Should Be in the Birth Bag?

What Should Be in the Birth Bag?

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the baby As soon as you receive the signal prospective parents hand Most people forget to take things that are useful during and after childbirth when they leave the house quickly. It is therefore of utmost importance that the birth bag is prepared at certain times of pregnancy.

When should the hospital bag be prepared? What should be put in the birth bag? What should be found for the mother and the baby? Let's examine it together.

Maternity Bag (Hospital Bag) should be prepared in the month of pregnancy?

Maternity bag should be ready before the 20th week of pregnancy. 35-36 weeks It is said to be ready, but premature births in pregnancy generally begins to be seen in the 30th week so for this reason to prepare the birth bag this week will keep you one step ahead. Do not fill your birth bag with unnecessary items. It would be a burden to carry bags filled with useless items to the hospital. When your water arrives, it will be a great advantage for you to carry the birth bag easily to the person or people who will take you to the hospital. If you find the birth bag in the closest place when birth symptoms occur, one of your worries will be gone.

What should be available for the mother in the birth bag?

  • You should choose a wide dress or shirt that you can relax in. Also the dress or tee of your choice should not be bold. Because at the time of birth, you will already flush sweat enough. And don't risk raising your body temperature because of thick clothes.
  • Keep a shawl or jacket that you can use when you retreat or go to hospital in case you get cold.
  • Hair clip
  • Your personal cleaning products such as toothbrushes.
  • To prepare for a prolonged hospital stay pad and clean laundry.
  • At least two breastfeeding bra It is very important for you to have.
  • Other than that, but not so important, but to immortalize that moment Voice recording or video device take your baby's first cries and images.

What should be available for the baby in the birth bag?

  • Diapers (smallest size)
  • Allergic tested wet wipes
  • 3 or 4 pieces
  • A few titles
  • Socks, gloves
  • Vest or cardigan according to the season
  • Baby blanket
  • 4- 5 soft and clean towels.

Dirty laundry bag and baby shampoo must be available. In addition, if you are too fastidious about the cleanliness of your baby, make sure that your baby and your bed linen and bed linen reach the hospital immediately after birth.

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