Kidneys during pregnancy!

Kidneys during pregnancy!

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Nephrology Specialist who stated that the first organ in pregnancy is the kidneys. Dr. Gülçin Kantarcı, böbrek Before pregnancy, the kidney changes. Kidney work, drainage and therefore the person's blood pressure is different from pre-pregnancy. Therefore, the kidneys should be followed carefully during pregnancy examinations..

What can be kidney-related disorders during pregnancy?
Before pregnancy, the kidney changes. The kidney's operation, filtration and blood pressure status of the person is different from before the pregnancy. The most common kidney related disorder during pregnancy is pregnancy hypertension. Generally, blood pressure drops in the first three months. In the second 3 months, blood pressure starts to reach normal limits.

Another discomfort is the exacerbation of hypertension for different reasons during pregnancy and the emergence of a disease called preeclampsia. If hypertension is usually detected after the 20th week of pregnancy it may be preeclampsia. These people have no known renal disease or hypertension. Along with swelling, edema, protein loss occurs. If it becomes more severe in some of its progressive forms, it can reach seizures if it progresses rapidly. This is called eclampsia and is usually more common in young pregnant women around the age of 20 and in the first pregnancy.

Another kidney-related disease is recurrent infection. Pregnant women are more likely to have increased urinary tract infection than non-pregnant women. Renal inflammation can affect the life of pregnant women as well as negatively affect the health of the baby.
In addition, some diseases such as nephritis can be exacerbated with pregnancy.
Expansion and growth of the kidneys may also occur due to pressure, especially in the sixth month of pregnancy.

What are the effects of high blood pressure during pregnancy on maternal and infant health?
High blood pressure affects both pregnant and mother. If there is pereeclampsia in the pregnant woman and protein leakage in the urine, this may lead to brain haemorrhages and even maternal deaths.

In addition, if pregnancy hypertension is not followed and treated very well, the baby will have growth retardation. Low-weight babies are born.

What can be done before pregnancy to minimize kidney complaints?
Before planned pregnancy, urine analysis and blood pressure measurement should be done. You should check for any known renal failure. Because renal failure can cause premature abortions, premature infant deaths, premature and low-weight births.

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